Get product ideas out of your head
(and into everyone else's)

"We started using Fluid UI to showcase our ideas for the app but also to help push organisational change. Internal stakeholders don’t easily understand the nature of our business. We needed to show them the app prototype and give them an idea of what we’re working on."

Paddy Walsh, Design Project Manager, Planet9Energy

Coordinate ideas using wireframes, screenflows, comments and user testing

Feed research from usability testing into the product development and build up your product backlog.

Connect your ideas, your team, your feedback and your users in one place

Start with wireframes and engage users for feedback and testing. Get your designers involved for higher fidelity mockups. Finally show off the final solutions to developers and get the best solution developed.

Keep your team and roadmap agile

Fluid UI will allow your design and development teams to talk the same language as they view and comment in real time on the product they are building.

What plan is right for me?

If you need to share out your ideas and wireframes, solo will do fine. If you want comments and video calling, go with a pro account. If you need to hand over projects, work collaboratively with your design or development team, go with team.

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