Create Web and Mobile
Prototypes in Minutes

Create stunning prototypes at your desk, then present them online and on your mobile.

Collaborate on prototypes with your team in real time, or work alone until you are ready to share.

Used by the very best product designers in the world

Simply the best tool for collaborative prototyping

Desktop Prototype

Low and High Fidelity

Prototype in high or low fidelity according to your needs. Fluid UI's built in libraries support whatever style you need.

material design prototype example

Easier Prototyping

Prototype using a comprehensive set of built in widgets, shapes and icons for Material Design, iOS, Windows, Wireframe and more.

Team Prototyping

Epic Collaboration

Fluid UI's incredible real time collaboration features lets your entire team work together on the same prototype at the same time.

Interactive Prototypes

Fluid UI's unique linking and zooming makes adding interactivity to your prototypes fun as well as productive.

all the prototyping libraries

Design or Upload

Upload existing images and logos, prototype your own from scratch or mix and match. Fluid UI works the way you need it to.

Accessing your prototypes anywhere

Access Anywhere

Your prototypes are stored in the cloud and can be accessed with the desktop client or by logging in with a browser anywhere.

Test on Mobile

Designs look different depending on the device that shows them. Fluid UI prototypes can be tested instantly on any mobile.

Commenting on a prototype

Quality Feedback

Gathering quality feedback on your prototypes is a cinch. Share, chat, comment, call and annotate. No time wasted.

Inviting reviewers

Hop on a Call

Keep the communication flowing. Fluid UI's one click video calling is the closest thing to being in the same room as your team.

Start now. Get your entire team prototyping online together in the next 15 minutes.

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Or download the desktop client.