Create visually stunning prototypes in minutes

Rapid Prototyping

We've spared no effort to ensure prototyping with Fluid UI is fast. Everything is streamlined, usable and in one place.

Built in Libraries

Prototype quicker using over 2000 built in components. Choose from Material Design, iOS, Windows and Wireframe libraries.

Upload Existing Assets

Already have graphic assets? Easily add them to your prototypes or save them to your own personal libraries for future use.

Add interactivity to your prototypes with just a few simple clicks

Mouse and touch gestures

Create interactive web and mobile prototypes with taps, swipes, clicks and more gestures using Fluid UI's simple and fun to use linking system.

Beautiful animations

Different page animations make your prototype unique. Pop in, fade in, flip or just show - beautiful animations help bring your prototype to life.

Communicate how pages relate

Adding links to your prototypes also doubles as your screenflow - a beautiful graphic that shows how your pages relate to each other.

Collaborate in real time on your prototypes

The #1 collaborative prototyping tool

Fluid UI sets the standard in online prototyping. Design prototypes together at the same time.

Work on prototypes alone or as a team

All your work is saved in the cloud and immediately available to everyone in your team.

See everyone's changes instantly

Set up a prototyping meeting in Fluid UI and see your entire team's work happening in real time.

Ideate together with live video calling

Get on a video call while still prototyping. Discuss and implement ideas at the same time.

Lock pages while you make your changes

Other collaborators can watch as you make changes, sharing ideas and improving your prototypes.

Get your entire team on the same page

Get your entire team working together. Fluid UI supports unlimited users and prototypes.

Iterate prototypes faster with integrated review and feedback

Reviewer mode

In reviewer mode, invite anyone to click through your prototype, chat together and add annotations for everyone to see.

Live video presentations

Present your prototypes in interactive video calls with clients no matter where they are in the world.

Add and resolve comments

Request, respond and resolve comments to incorporate feedback into your prototype before development begins.

Helping you focus on the best solution for your users

Run remote user tests

Test prototypes with users in remote user testing sessions. Watch how they interact and let them talk about their experience.

Live chat support

Got a question? The Fluid UI team are online 16 hours a day to answer you with our built in chat support.

Connect with developers

If you have a budget and need a team to move your idea forward, talk to us and we can bring help your prototype to life.

Fluid UI can be used anywhere you need it

Works in faster browsers

Fluid UI runs smoothly in Firefox and Chrome - so pick your preferred browser and get prototyping. Everything will sync automatically.

Installable desktop client

Want an even more powerful, full screen prototyping experience? Install the desktop client and get a native performance boost.

Preview on mobile

Building a mobile or tablet app? Install the Android or iOS apps to preview your prototype on mobile as you design.