Privacy Policy

Our commitment to you

In order to improve the quality of service we offer, Fluid Software Ltd collects and stores certain information about its users. We treat all such information with great care and will never sell or otherwise pass on this information to third parties except when it is required to do so as part of Fluid UI service.

What information do we collect?

- Personal information which you provide voluntarily (such as your email address) when you register or otherwise interact with the site.

- Information about how you use the site, including the time of your visit, what browser you are using, how long you stay and whether this is your first time visiting the site or not.

- Information you create when using the product such as project data, uploaded images and other data required for the correct functioning of the product.

How is that information used?

- We use a customer’s email in order to uniquely identify a customer when logging in to their account. We also use that email as the primary point of contact for each account and for providing additional information relating to Fluid UI and/or Fluid Software Ltd.

- When signing up for a premium account, we will ask for and pass on credit card details to our secure payment provider (Realex Payments Ltd). We will not store your credit card details on our servers, but they will be stored by our secure payment provider in order to facilitate easy, regular payments.

- Preview version of your projects will be available online via the unique url associated with the project. We may publish anonymous, aggregated data relating to Fluid UI such as total sales figures or usage statistics. It will never be possible to personally identify any customer from these statistics. We will provide it to the relevant authorities if obliged to comply with a law or other legal process.

Is my data secure?

We have taken every effort to ensure that your data is as secure as possible when using Fluid UI. All communication between you and the server are transmitted using an encrypted SSL connection with an industry approved secure certificate provider. Our servers are appropriately hardened with suitable firewalls and password protected. Our code is peer reviewed as a matter of course in order to detect potential security flaws. To ensure your security, we also request that you use a suitably strong password for your account. If you have any issues or concerns regarding your security at any time, please email

Sharing your projects

If you are a registered account holder, your projects are automatically synchronised with the server whenever you preview them. This feature means that your projects can be easily made available to anyone with the appropriate link. While the chances of someone guessing your link are close to non-existent, it is your responsibility to ensure that this link is not given to anyone you do not want.

Cookies and localstorage

Fluid UI makes use of Cookies and html5 localstorage to cache a copy of your projects and user data locally. We recommend that you only use Fluid UI from a secure machine as this information could potentially be accessed by someone after you are finished using the service.

Changes to this policy

Fluid Software reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time. The most up to date version of this policy will always be available at

Further information

If you want more information on the use of your private information after reading this document, We are perfectly happy to respond to your question directly at