Screenflows and wireframes that improve communication in your agile team

"They could look at it on their own phone and test it out. Instead of people getting frustrated because they’re not understanding something, we can now get them to start adding their own ideas and interacting with the project."

Paddy Walsh, Design Project Manager, Planet9Energy

Deliver projects on time

With Fluid UI your agile development team are seamlessly connected with the design team.

Collect feedback on usability

Engage potential users and easily collect feedback which will allow you to move the project quickly and successfully from concept through design and development to completion.

Communicate with your team

Fluid UI will allow you to bring your team together in one platform and to speak one language. No matter how remote are your team, Fluid UI will bring them together in one place.


Fluid UI will allow your teams to collaborate more quickly and more efficiently as they view the product in one platform and comment and discuss changes as it moves from concept to design and development to release.

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