Prove your idea without writing
a single line of code

"Fluid UI is the ultimate tool for rapid prototyping, it helps my team members and I to rapidly come up with UX prototypes of our web based and smartphone applications."

Muhammad Adil from the IPAL Research lab based in Pakistan

Turn your idea into reality

Take the idea out of your head and place it in the hands of stakeholders such as potential users and investors. Start out with a very simple wireframe and get feedback via our comments feature. Then turn the wireframe into a high fidelity prototype.

Validate your ideas

Once you have been able to place the idea in the hands of users then you can find out very quickly if it is something that users want to use.

Run usability tests

With Fluid UI you can get feedback from real users which you can then feed into the product development.

Run your idea on multiple platforms and devices

Once you have designed the basic prototype you can easily clone the design and customise it for all platforms and devices so you can get even more specific feedback.

Keep on evolving the product with research from user feedback

With Fluid UI you can get feedback at various stages of the development of your idea into a product. Build wireframes and get this into the hands of users. Use this data to build a high fidelity prototype. With the comment feature you can talk to users right in the editor and make changes quickly.


With Fluid UI you can test out small changes. Font size, logos, colours and test these on different users to see what works.

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