Interactive prototyping and design.
Built in feedback and sharing.

"Fluid UI has been incredibly helpful. It’s an excellent tool to visualize the potential look and interactivity of our app. It’s been a great benefit to stimulate discussion and new ideas at each team review meeting."

David Newcombe, Fountain of Health

Create visuals, present solutions, gather feedback, iterate ideas and hand over to developers - all in the same place

Design beautiful, high fidelity prototypes with our extensive library of wireframe, Android and iOS widgets while incorporating your own assets as needed. Connect them together with animations and transitions and share them immediately for feedback.

Handles the demanding needs of both freelancers and full time professionals

Whether you are working directly for clients or as part of an agile or remote software team, Fluid UI has your design and communication needs covered with asset creation, sharing, comments, and live video presentations of your designs.

Stop jumping between expensive and complicated tools with marginally useful features

Fluid UI solves all your design and communication needs together in one place. Build wireframe, design high fidelity prototypes, perform user tests via our sharing and collaboration features.

Pro and Team are for designers

The pro account is for design professionals - the kind of designer that needs to create and sign off on rapid wireframes and high fidelity designs every day. Features include high fidelity design, testing on device, feedback, comments and video presentations.

The team account is perfect if you are part of an agile team with multiple design contributers and in house developers looking to work together on a project.

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