Develop web and mobile apps more quickly with improved usability

"We have also developed a much smoother workflow using Fluid UI. We now have a detailed idea of the app that we’re going to develop prior to starting with the actual coding."

Tim Treis, Enactus

Make the right product

Products fail not because they are badly built, but because they are the wrong product. Prototyping with Fluid UI allows you to decide early in the product development cycle whether it is worth writing a line of code or moving on to a new idea.

Focus on the right features

Make sure your code is used. A prototype lets you identify areas of the code that aren’t critical for users and remove them. It means your code is far more likely to be used and used far more often.

Focus on your users first

If you think about a UI from a technical perspective first, the quality and usability of your product will be reduced. Lower quality product means less users, less sales and reduced user satisfaction.

Match your architecture with your UI

By jumping straight into code, the way you solve UI problems will be constrained by the architecture you choose early on for your code rather than the other way around. This almost always causes sub-par UI to be created in your app due to more limited choices or the headache of changing the structure of your code when you realise you want to approach the problem in a different way.

Write relevant code

Developers love to write code. But while the joy is often in the technical challenges associated with a particularly difficult algorithm or tracking down a particularly nasty bug, we ultimately seek to make a difference in the world. If a piece of well written software is never used or appreciated by your users, was it worth writing?

Get it right first time

Making UI and functional changes after you think your code is completed is both frustrating and costly. A wireframe and prototype will eliminate significant later changes as well as reduce your frustration levels, particularly when faced with tight deadlines.

Collaborate with your team

With Fluid UI you can discuss the design in the editor with the rest of your team and make changes quickly. This cuts out any costly misunderstandings or between design and development.

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